Why Soo Food Finder?

Through the app, we make you aware of information about local food, community kitchens, emergency food services, community gardens, farmers markets and many more. You will receive notifications to your phone to the schedule you provided us, tapping on the notification allows you to view more information about it.

Signing Up

Before getting started, we would like to identify who you are, so we can make this tour more personalized.

Time Scheduling

You can let us know the times you want to hear from us about the topics you have selected.

Messages pushed as notifications

We will alert you with notifications with information you are interested of.

Quick Survey of Preferences

We will ask for your preferences of topics, so we can be selective in sending you notifications.

Days Scheduling

You can let us know specifically, which days in the week you want to hear from us.


You can let us know how you liked the information you learnt from each notification.

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